Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June 21st. Last day. How I love Prague!

Our last day in Prague! Depressing. I have come to adore this city and can only hope to return in the future. We were allowed to wander and enjoy our last day. After packing, Amelia, Mary, and myself dressed up and shared crazy, crazy laughter. A dinner cruise was a grand finale for all to enjoy. Delicious food, entertaining company, and millions of camera flashes made up most of those hours. Afterwards a group of us went to John Lennon’s Wall, which was tagged and written all over. I wrote my own little piece. The wall was bright, colorful, and shared lots of individual’s revelations, many of which contradicted with others on the wall. Our group strolled late into the evening striving to soak in every moment. I didn’t want to go to sleep because the following morning I would be at the airport –which I had to leave for at 4am. I was scheduled for a different flight because my ticket was booked separately from the group. Individual goodbyes were really sweet and I was nervous to be away from everyone who I had been with day & night for the past 6 weeks. After preparing for my early morning and full day and a half of flights I fell asleep around 1 for a few hours.

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