Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June 16th. Began on the beaches of Italy and ended in the snowy Alps of Austria.

We were given the option of sleeping in and I took advantage of it! I made my way down to breakfast at 9:30 and Kristen and I fell back asleep after getting ready for the beach and packing our stuff. We dumped our stuff in the bus at 11 and headed to the beach. Hot, perfect day with a breeze. 4 boys (Tyler Martin, Chris, Grant, Jon) and 4 girls (myself, Kristen, Alyssa, McKenzie) rented paddleboats and enjoyed our hour for $10 immensely. After laying out, pictures, and lots of fun we ate lunch at a spot by the beach. I have had enough pizza to last the rest of the year for sure. That goes for ice cream too. Lot of ice tea as well. At 2 we said peace out to Venice and headed north back to Austria. We stopped at Edelweiss for dinner, more pizza, and it started raining which was fun. We went from perfect beach to perfect mountain weather. After reaching the Schloss I showered and relaxed.

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