Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Allianz, Siemens, and a Beer garden & hall minus the beer please.

June 3, 2009 Wednesday
2nd day in Munich
7:15 breakfast and left to get Iliah from the airport. He is a freshman at APU who is from Europe, speaks German, plays tennis, and wants to be our tour guide :]. Cute. We had a 9:30am appointment at the Allianz Arena, European football, American soccer. The walk through and explanation was a lot of fun and I greatly enjoyed our tour. We were able to see every level, the infrastructure was amazing. We saw the VIP areas, locker room, the players entrance to the stadium and to the field. The group took a lot of photos and ate lunch there: yummy hot dogs and cola. The stadium holds 70,000 people. The base pay per player is 1.5 million and they get an Audi upon signing. After lunch we headed to a corporate visit at Siemens.

We had to wear our suits and it was the first time we felt correctly dressed. At Coty and other places we felt very overdressed in our suits, but it fit perfectly at Siemens. The visit lasted 2.5 hours. We learned about the history, the current issues, the future actions, financial situation, and given advice about entering the work place. Once again multi-lingual was the first suggestion, or rather must. I sat next to Mary and Grant. Most people were having a hard time keeping there eyes open, embarrassing, I kept taping people. At 4:00 we returned to the hostel to change for dinner which was at a beer garden. Minus the beer for our group but the dinner was delish! Half a chicken, some of the best chicken I’ve ever had :] David was my dinner date, cute, lol.

The group then headed to explore the city and I had a great night out with everyone, particularly Mary & Kasaundra. Ice cream for a dollar! Yes please.

Mary & I are now back at the hostel chillaxin.

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  1. Hi Honey - It's dad checking in. Sounds like our world traveler is finding her way around rather well. Great photos. Remember the Curtos gave you some money to enjoy your trip so get some memoriabilia to help look back on your travels such as clogs... whatever fits your fancy. Hope the studies are going well. Curtis graduates this Friday and we'll be having a little celebration at the house on Saturday. It was awesome to talk to you when you called over the weekend. Love You - Be Good and Be Safe, and may you continue to glorify the Lord.