Friday, June 5, 2009

Castles and the Alps

We left Munich early this morning and drove by bus to Sleeping Beauty's Castle, which was amazing to see. The city and the land around in breath taking. We had a lot of fun exploring an area around the castle that overlooked it. When it came to the castle tour itself the tour guide flipped out on us and kicked us out almost immediately. We were unaware of any way we may have offended her. I do understand that our group is loud and many are not aware of the way they present themselves, especially in Europe. I was embarrassed but we were able to talk her into a second chance. The tour had beautiful paintings everywhere of stories such as Tristan & Isolde. Afterwards we were able to wander down the side of the castle. I walked and chatted with Ilja, an APU student that met up with us who lives in Germany when he is not at school.

After the castle we continued on our long drive. We stopped at McDonalds -the nicest one I have ever seen- and arrived at the Schloss in Mittersill around 6:00. It's a beautiful beautiful castle with lots of rich history. It's 1,000+ years old. I am staying in a room with Kasaundra and Ana. It's very comfortable here and we do not feel the least bit judged like we have everywhere else we have been. We will be here for the next 2 weeks and I am very excited about that. After putting our suitcases in our room we had dinner all together which was delicious! Fabulous, I love this place. We hung out in the auditorium in the evening and had bonding time. There are other people staying here, some family groups, some writing books, and it's great to have friendly people around, many from the states.

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