Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June 13, 2009. Case Study & Gardens

Today was a “free day.” I skipped out on breakfast and was able to sleep in a bit. I started my morning writing a case study for International Business, which is writing intensive. I wrote on Disneyland Resort Paris, which was 2 billion in debt as of 2007. It was really interesting and I had just done a report on Disney as a whole last semester in my finance course. I worked really hard all morning and afternoon taking a break only for lunch, which was delicious. Most of the other students in the group had gone to town or sailing so I knew lunch would be good, that’s how it always works, right? :] I was finished on my case study in time for dinner. Afterwards, Mary and I played in the garden and told each other stories; it was a fabulous time. The castle is the perfect spot for engagement/wedding photos. The garden is amazing; I love it. We then worked on a puzzle and explored the castle with Terrell when it got dark. Outside was a beautiful starry night. Late into the night I started packing for Italy!! It was a good day, I wish that I had left the Schloss grounds, but it’s okay. I’m excited the next part of our trip :]

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