Monday, June 8, 2009

June 7. Saltzburg

We began our travels to Saltzburg at 7am; I have no idea why we left that early. We toured a salts mine, which was pretty cool. It included a little trainish type ride, slides, boat rides, and movies all under ground. It was a lot of fun. We were given special clothes to wear and we all looked funny.

Following the tour we visited an area where part of the Sound of Music was filmed. It was beautiful, but it was not as cool as the hype that had been built up surrounding it. We were only there for a half hour, I view this adventure as a bit of a waste of time. Mary & I did climb a steep mountain very quickly (as in running) so that we weren’t late to the bus. It was a beautiful view from the top and an excellent work out.

Afterwards we wandered the city of Saltzburg, which was absolutely fabulous. Jon recommended a restaurant, therefore Mary, Terrell, Jon, Tyler Martin, David, Zach, and myself headed off. Well, it ended up being a very long walk to find the restaurant closed. We ended up hiking another humungous mountain and finding a 5 star hotel, which was spectacular. We then split up and Mary, Terrell, Jon, and I found a cute café. I had the best burger of my life and the owner was very friendly. We then continued walking about, window-shopping, buying ice cream, and looking out over the river that runs through the center of the city. It was a fabulous afternoon and I loved it. I bought some painting and a couple other things.

We left to make sure we made it back to the Schloss in time for dinner. We ended up being early so I took a shower and continued reading a book for an assignment I had due. The book was about hearing God’s voice –which I am very interested in; therefore, it was an easy read. I accidentally missed dinner time, but showed up an hour late to find there was still food sitting out, so that was a pleasant surprise. After dinner I got to work writing my paper on Listening to God and relating this to God speaking to Samuel in I Samuel 3. Bedtime at 12:30, late!

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  1. If I could hope on a plane right now and come visit I would do it in a heart beat. Miss you and could sure use a nice break from work. Looking forward to having you home, but so happy to have you going through this experience. Love - Dad