Thursday, June 11, 2009

June 10th Wednesday 5th Full day at Schloss

Class 8:45-12:00. Lunch 12:00-12:45. Wrote an essay on 2 Samuel 22, David’s psalm that parallels the books of 1st&2nd Samuel. Around 2:00, I walked down to town with Mary, Lisa, McKenzie, Amber, Jon, and Terrell. It is a steep stroll down the mountain and it was misty/rainy, therefore it was slippery! Lots of falls, brown knees and dirty palms :] lol, but no serious injury so it was fun. On the way to the market we saw Travis and Zach outside chillin. They joined us and after the best ice cream I have ever had we split once again, but I went with the two boys. We went fishing :] and told stories; it was a lot of fun. Both Zach and Travis will grow into very successful people, they are very smart, hardworking, and understand how people work better than most of the other students with us –the straight A students-. I enjoyed great conversation and hearing their perspectives was enlightening. After a couple hours and meeting a few Austrians that didn’t speak much English we headed back up the Alp to our castle. It was steeper than I remember. I got a very good leg workout in! :] I showered when I got back to my room, worked more on my essay, and went to dinner at 6. After dinner we had a short devo and prayer.

Dr Underwood then proceeded to discuss with us what may happen to our luggage for the couple days we are in Italy and we leave some of our stuff here. She explained different options and then left the room open for discussion. It was absolutely absurd. We could leave our stuff in our room and be charged for the rooms, move everything into one room and be charged for only that room, or move everything to a storage room and be charged for that. Those who like to talk and speak their minds went on very unorderly shouting their thoughts. I could not believe what I was watching or hearing. No conclusions were being formed, we were wasting time, and everyone was growing more annoying by the second. After 20 minutes or so I stood up, explained we were getting nowhere, and said we would do whatever is cheaper based upon the figures Dr Underwood received from the hotel. I said this in less than 20 seconds and we were done and I was able to go get tea and finish my essay.

My evening was enjoyable. I was able to talk to my baby sister and brother, which was lovely. I talked to Mr Prior online and that was much needed and fabulous. I talked with Ana, worked on a puzzle –which is ridiculous and won’t even end up looking cool-, listened to Grant tell stories, and enjoyed the company of many different individuals. Travis is hilarious, telling us stories of when he was young and girls would pick on him or his father would blow up on another father in a protective fashion. Girls were working on their life time lines (what we think the rest of our lives will look like) and crying (I already did mine and freaked out in Amsterdam about it) because some didn’t want to be “old moms” or have to wait for a long time to be married or have to wait till their 65 to retire or think about when they’d die. I have no idea why we have to do this for Consumer Behavior, I think it was eye-opening and such, but I don’t know what it really had to do with the class and ended up freaking us out a bit. Anyways, it was a great night and fun day!

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  1. Mr. Prior?! must be some old oaf, but i'm glad to hear about your day!