Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June 9th. I found God a lot today :]

Once again class from 8:45-12:00. Earlier that afternoon groups of students drove over to a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful area in the Alps with waterfalls, a lake, and cows. The last group –the Samuel students- left at 12:15 to meet up with everyone. I think 12 of us piled in a little van; it was bonding time :] lol The area took my breath away. It had the most spectacular natural beauty I have ever seen. I believe Austria may be one of the top most stunning countries in the world. I wandered around the area with Mary and McKenzie, later Ana, Kasaundra, and Amber joined us. We played with cows, danced, sang, and stood in awe of the land about us. After an hour or so we joined the larger group for a picnic and picture taking. Groups of people started driving back, I was in the last group and we were able to fit 14 people in the van. Little unsure of it though, because the van stalled on the way there and it was windy, up&down hills. Upon arriving back to the Mittersill Schloss I began my critical essay on David’s life. Dinner was at 6 and then we had a corporate meeting with a man from Siemens. I thought it was very interesting, I was able to stay focused, and it was relaxed. I felt that he was truly trying to help us and gave us advice. We then had fabulous desserts, apple strudel & raspberry ice cream. I finished my paper, checked emails, and watched The Notebook with Ana, Kasaundra, Travis, and Grant. I fell asleep to it.

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