Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June 15, 2009. Venice, hello dream -beautiful boys included.

Breakfast was at 8, and we left the hotel by 8:30. We drove to an area near Venice and arrived at our hotel, which was in view of the Mediterranean! I was with Kristen again, YES, hilarious times. We had lunch right away, which was like 3 courses, Italians eat A LOT it seems, majority of which are carbs. Carbs are everywhere in Europe, yet Europeans, particularly Italians are SKINNY, how is this? Anyways, after lunch we took a boat taxi to an island I forget the name of and learned about glass blowing. It was a lot of fun; a master made a glass horse just a few feet from my face, amazing! A little bit later we water taxied it on over to Venice and wandered all over the place. I heard and saw Americans everywhere, it was too touristy for me, but a check off my lifetime list of places to see :] At the beginning I was with Travis, Ana, and Kasuandra, an ideal group in my eyes and we enjoyed ourselves. By the way, the entire time I was in Italy I was ecstatic and in the best mood possible, constantly smiling with joyous laughter in my eyes. Anyways, the shops began to look the same, everyone sold the same pieces made of glass and masks, like opera masks, and all the same touristy items, kinda annoying. We then met up with a larger group and separated off, girls & boys. I had another girl’s dinner, this time with Kasaundra, Ana, Kristen, Alyssa, all my favorite girls in their own way. They all make me feel loved. Dinner lasted hours and it was the perfect time. We walked the city center, I forget the name of it, but it’s famous I guess :] lol. Travis, Zach, Chris, Alyssa, Ana, Kasaundra, and myself –once again, another great group- looked at more shops and found famous Italian spots and then stopped by a bar to sit. Men’s soccer was on, USA vs Italy, that was fun, lol. But, o my goodness, the toilets in Italy, WT? How in the world? I have no idea. A couple I came across were holes in the ground, Great…. And others were low and didn’t include toilet seats, great. IDK, I simply didn’t know what to do. Lol. After a full afternoon/evening in Venice we took the water taxi back to the hotel around 10pm. Travis was my buddy, we did a funny video together that I’ll try putting up once I get back to the states. Once back I headed straight to the beach, fabulous, I had to. Jon, Travis, Zach, Lisa, and Mckenzie joined me for a night swim in the Mediterranean! I cannot believe I just said that and actually did it. It was one of my most fun life experiences. I laughed and splashed and played the entire time, I couldn’t get enough, I was in a state of complete bliss. And that was my day, perfect and long. I slept great that night!

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