Monday, June 8, 2009

June 8th.

Class was from 8:45-12:00. We then had lunch, fish and veggies! After lunch I went straight to writing my essay on Paul’s life in I Samuel in the tea room. Briefly I went up stairs where people were hanging out and there were several people who didn’t have class and were bored and that was a bit irritating because of what they were saying. I was able to finish in time for dinner, which was a mess of leftovers. After dinner we had a little bit of down time where I laid down to escape from most everyone else. At 7:30 we all met up again for presentations, devos, and smores. I enjoyed meeting as a group (Kristin, Ana, Zach, Terrell, myself) with Dr. Underwood. Are team is a bit all-starish, therefore we are easy going and have a great time together…. And laugh at other teams struggles, like having 2 hour long meetings to work out what’s going on. I laughed a lot today, but I also felt disheartened a lot as well. I need a break, but I am in Austria, which is amazing & beautiful & I love. I am so thankful for the room I am in though: Kasaundra & Ana are fabulous, very different than the rest of the group and it is nice to just sit and talk with them. After meeting with Underwood I relaxed in the fireplace room with a great group of people. I really enjoy the company of Kristen, Tyler Martin, Terrell, Mary, and Zach. I was able to go to sleep a little earlier than normal, which was fabulous.

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