Friday, June 19, 2009

June 19. "Auf wiedersehen" to Austria and "den dobry" to Praha!

Today we left early to begin on our way to Prague on a bus driven by Czechs, who do not speak English. I slept the first few hours. We stopped around 11:00 at a gas station. We then stopped at 1ish for lunch, which was definitely in Czech and not my most favorite meal. Ick, I wish we hadn’t even stopped. We made it to Praha (Prague) around 5:30 and got ready for dinner. I am rooming with Amelia & Mary, which I love! My family minus Terrell :] lol, inside joke. After getting out of our bus clothes we walked to dinner around 7ish. It was a cute restaurant and the group had it’s own room, which is the best way to go with my group. We are loud and noisy Americans to be sure. Soup, delicious. Mushroom turkey with rice, reminded me of a dish my momma makes :] and banana with chocolate rum sauce, love fruit for dessert! Love fruit all the time. After dinner I wandered Praha with Mary, Terrell, and Amelia, ahhh family. Mouer caught up with us somehow, drat :] kidding. We had a wonderful time exploring & Mary has been here a few times so she knew where things were, which was really nice. Delicious ice cream sundaes and a beautiful firework display :] I have really enjoyed myself immensely in Prague so far!

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