Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Most Recent Adventure

Welcome back to my thoughts - thoughts that I haven't shared for over a year now. I have drafted a few posts, but, never braved the "publish" button at the top of the screen. On occasion I have visited my previous posts and that is how I stumbled upon the opportunity to write again. Bare with me as I expect to be quite rusty. I have found that reviewing my blog has reminded me of the journey that the good Lord has taken me on and has helped me to realize that I want to be able to remember this time as well, my present moment, the most recent adventure God has taken me on.

That would be the dreaded event of deployment. I haven't joined the military as I am sure you weren't quick to fall into that assumption, but, I have fallen in love with a man that has. He is currently on a 6 month MEU in East Asia. Therefore, my writing has shifted to love letters and written prayers to the Father to protect my beloved, to encourage him every day, and love him when I cannot relay these sentiments due to lack of communication. I am slightly put off that I didn't think to start writing earlier, as we have passed the 4 month mark, but, as I have said before, better late than never, right? :)

Anyways, before Adam left and during the time of his departure, I was and still remain optimistic that the Lord has so much to teach both of us. I remain faithful in my gratitude that God allowed Adam and I to meet and fall in love before he flew around the world and not after. I am grateful the Lord's timing was May 2013 and not May 2014 (his anticipated return).

In every season of our lives, in every day of our lives we have a choice of how we will handle ourselves, how we will respond, how we will press forward. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to respond with hope, respond with love, respond with courage. Christ has already overcome this world, he knows your heart, he knows your capability, trust Him to see you through and be thankful for what He is teaching you. The challenges are a reflection of how much he cares. If He didn't wish you to be made into the image of His Son, He would leave you be, but His heart for you is magnificent, beautiful, full of love, patience, and understanding. He allows the difficulties to shape your character, to grow your dependence on Him, to shake up your story so that He receives the glory.

All glory and honor and praise to the One that saved us.