Sunday, June 21, 2009

June 20th. Praha!

Today we went on a tour with our guide Freddy. We started on top of a hill with a beautiful view of the city. We went inside a church/library that was really really old. There were a lot of hand written books. Many about religion, which is odd that the people of Praha are currently mostly Atheist. It started to rain, but we went on our way and cowered under a overhang. Then it started to pour cats and dogs, but we had to keep going. After about 5 minutes we were all soaked through and Underwood and the guide allowed us to get on the train-sorta-thing that goes throughout the whole city and we reached our hotel so that we could change before we went to lunch. It had cleared up by the time we got outside but it was still chilly. Lunch was good, but heavy! O boy, I had all my soup, but only a tiny bit of the main dish and then all of the delicious dessert. We were allowed to go our own way after so I headed off with Mary, Terrell, and Amelia. We walked a long ways to a mall with over 200 stores. It was a huge mall. We wandered and window-shopped for a long time; I was able to get coffee at Starbucks. After a few hours we headed back to the hotel so that Mary could email her Czech friends that she was going to meet up with. After a time on the internet Dr Underwood invited Mary and myself to join her for coffee down the street at a fabulous café. We talked and shared desserts; it was a lot of fun. We came back around 6:30 and a group headed out for dinner, but I was not in the least bit hungry so I stayed behind. Around 9 they hadn’t gotten back so I wandered to see who was here. Dave, Tyler Martin, Zach, and Emily were and planned on going out. So I joined them, I wanted to get out of the hotel! We went to the Hilton sky 9 café and bar. It was so much fun, after taking a mirror elevator way high we danced through a long hallway with mirrors, lights, and music and then sat on plush couches. We also were able to sit outside a while; it was a great time. Afterwards we met up with Jon, Amelia, Grant, Ana, Amber, and her sister Tiffany. We stayed out late, danced, and laughed a lot. It was a great second to last night. I’m sad that it will soon be coming to a close. Most everyone is ready though.

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