Friday, June 19, 2009

June 17th. Sleep & Weinersnetzel

We were given the option to sleep in, which I took full advantage of. I was exhausted from Italy and the trip as a whole. I loved every second of it, its just go-go-go with the same group of people. I’ll miss it a lot when it’s over, sad to think about, but I know my summer month at home will be wonderful; it’ll be so weird to be away from this group though, to be by myself. Last summer when I came back from my mission work in Australia and split up from the group I was with it was devastating, moments of distress and depression and I was still able to see those people. The one’s on this trip do not live near me, but they will be there next year at APU. Anyways, I spent most of the day resting, working on a puzzle, and doing homework. I did take a trip into town with Underwood making stops at the bank, post office, and grocery store – it was nice to get out for a little while, felt like I accomplished something, lol. At 5 a group of us learned how to make weinersnetzel from Hans, the cook at the Schloss. It was fun, not difficult, similar to chicken my mom makes. Dinner was delicious. We watched a movie, which I fell asleep to :]

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