Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June 14, 2009. Ciao Bella

6:30 was breakfast and then we all got on the bus to go to Verona & Venice. It was a smaller bus then the other 2 we have used. I ended up in the back with Mary, Mouer, and Jon. How that happened, I really have no idea. However, the back of the bus is huge with lots of leg room and a table, therefore it was more comfortable for sure than everyone else’s seating arrangements. I was able to cuddle up on 2 seats (only 3 empty on the whole bus!), turn on my tunes, and fall asleep. We stopped for coffee, then gas. Work laws are weird here; people work a lot less than in America. At the gas stop Dr Underwood picked us all up some sandwiches, not the greatest meal in Europe, lol, but that’s okay. After a long drive, and Grant joining us in the back we made it to Verona, Italy around 1:00ish and checked into our hotel. I roomed with Kristen, who is a doll, I love her. We then were given somewhat of a city tour; we saw something similar to the coliseum with a full on Roman man dressed for the occasion and the terrace where Juliet called the Romeo or something like that. :] I then went shopping and wandering with Mary and Amber. It was fabulous, relaxing, and I completely enjoyed my day. We made a few purchases and had a delicious dinner, which included pizza of course and gelato. Mmmmm, yum. I went to bed at 9:30, AMAZING, lovely day.

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