Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Summer Continued

I thought I would write a little update since arriving home :]

I ended up taking 5 flights over a 31 hour period to finally reach Redding: Prague -> Frankfurt -> London -> LA -> San Fran -> Redding. Exhausting!
The week following my homecoming I fell asleep between 8and9pm -pretty much no matter what I was doing- and waking up at 5am. I enjoyed that schedule very much actually; I was able to conquer a lot in the mornings and I always woke up refreshed and ready to go.

My sister and I are taking tap classes and I am also returning to my ballerina roots. A lot of my time has been spent by the pool- I have been reading like crazy!- and at the gym. I have enjoyed every moment of my time spent at Little Country Church, whether that be Wednesday nights or Sunday mornings/evenings. I have met up with a lot of my friends that live in Redding and whom I have missed very much. I have seen several movies in theaters with my family members. I highly recommend UP in 3d & The Proposal :]

My sister and I just returned home from Healdsburg where we visited my aunt and uncle. We helped my Aunt Paula sell my grandmother's fruit at a couple different farmer's markets and we greatly enjoyed it. We were able to have lunch with my cousin Carrie, which we rarely get to see, but love very much. She invited us to visit her in San Fran, hopefully we will be able to put something together. I adore walking around the plaza and spending time with my aunt and uncle so of course my sister and I had a fabulous time.

In just a couple days my family is traveling down to Laguna Beach for our annual trip with my grandparents and aunt, uncle, and cousins on my dads side. I can't wait, I love going down there. I hope to be able to meet up with my best friend Cayla & maybe catch Harry Potter with Bre & Megan!!! It would be amazing to see those girls, I love and miss them all so much.

I must go load the dishes! I'll write sometime soon I'm sure :] Thanks for reading & having interest in my life!

and I do miss Europe and all my travel buddies very very very much

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  1. Awww I miss you too girl. I wish we could have seen that movie together. It would have been AMAZING!
    I'm in awe that you took up tap dancing. That's so cool. I'm really jealous ;)