Sunday, May 31, 2009

Shout Out from Amsterdam

Today was Sunday. We were scheduled to work with YWAM today, but that got canceled once again. @ 10 we got together and discussed our views and opinions about Noah's Ark and the Anne Frank House. It was great to hear everyones perspectives.
Noah's Ark: I appreciated that they compared Evolution and Creationism side by side and showed straight up evidence supporting Creationism and I thought it was interesting how over 150 flood stories/legends throughout the world have been passed down from generation to generation.
Anne Frank: I shared how I think it is difficult to see God in WWII. Like, hello, God! These are your people and they are dieing by the millions, where are you, why did this happen? But, I know that my brain is small and the Lord is enormous and I cannot begin to comprehend the big picture of the story God had in mind. Then I shared how I was greatest impacted by Anne's father Otto being the sole survivor to return to the house. I could not have returned. I would have been furious with God, how could he do such a thing to me -take away my family and make me the sole survivor-, I would rather die. Anne died a month before freedom came because she had lost hope, she didn't know any of her family was still alive. Her father was and he did return home and he did publish Anne's diary. Anne's diary has been read by school children and adults across the globe and has impacted millions. In this story you can see God's hand. It all worked for the greater good.

After our discussion some of us went to church. I sat with Terrell and Mary and even though the worship was in another language my heart was the happiest it's been in a long time. I wrote down several notes from the message. I'll try to include these later because they were awesome. After the service we went through a prayer and oil line sorta thing. IT WAS AMAZING, hello Holy Spirit!! Astounding prophetic words and encouragement. Afterwards I was so filled I didn't know what to do with myself. So the three of us sat in a room talking to Jesus for a long time until a fire alarm went off throughout the building.

Kristen, Mary, Terrell, Jon, and I then made our way to a supermarket. The one closest was closed and then the one we walked to was closed too so we went a gas station and then walked along one of the canals. Mary and I then walked to pizza and sat talking for hours. I then skyped with my family :] and wrote post cards and now I'm sitting with Ana and Travis having a wonderful time talking. Chris made me a turkey out of a balloon, lol.

Notes about Europe:
- The people here are physically healthy looking.
- Everyone rides there bikes. I have seen bicycles with 4 people at a time on them. Literally there are probably millions in Amsterdam alone.
- Water isn't free.
- Toilets are not free. 40-50 cents.
- Ice is never included.
- Waiters give you what you want and leave you alone.
- Very little driving takes place.
- No such things as snacks.
- Dinners at 9pmish.
- Everyone smokes.
- It's vital to speak several languages.
- People have become discensored.
- Water comes in shot glasses.

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  1. Corinne, It was great to talk with you today! The trip is so good. I am praying for you daily as God takes you on this great adventure and all that He has in store for you. Every new blog is like a gift. Thank you. Love and miss you, Mom