Saturday, May 30, 2009


Today we went to the Rike’s Museum, which contained a lot of famous and spectacular artwork. We were not allowed to take photographs, sad. After Rike’s we stopped for lunch, yummy & cheap pizza and milkshakes that are not like U.S. milkshakes –much more milky, not thick-. Then we had the option between diamonds and Van Gogh and I with 3 others chose once in a lifetime art and it was fantastic. Starry night, sunflowers and countless others that simply took my breath away. We then had a few free hours before touring Anne Frank’s house. The weather was so nice that I chilled in the park a while and then watched Terrell play basketball with the locals, and finished the time with Mary sipping on sparkling ice tea and red bull. It was crazy to be in Anne Frank’s secret hideaway house. I read her diary while in school and to actually see where she lived and hear the story was mind blowing. Lots of rich history/culture in a day! The museums were all top notch, particularly the last 2. Italian for dinner & a taxi home saved me an hours walk!! I love taxis :] First ride in a car since my daddy took me to the airport weeks ago, seems like months ago. I am tired! Tomorrow we are serving YWAM, hope it goes well :]

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  1. Starry night, Sunflowers, Anne Frank's house wow, wish I was there....