Friday, May 29, 2009

Amsterdam on the 28th of May

5:45 knock at the door making sure we were getting ready to leave. We visited and toured the flower auction that Holland has. It was amazing, so many beautiful flowers. The number of flowers sold was unbelievable and it takes place every day. The smell of the job site was perfect. After that we went to see how clogs were made. I really wanted to buy a pair and had to ask several individuals to talk me out of it. Sad. We had incredibly sweet (sugar wise) pancakes that I loved because I have a sweet tooth. After hanging out for a bit and taking photos in a giant wooden shoe (with Asian tourists, lol, funny times) we went to see the process of cheese production. I am not a big cheese fan so it was nice that it did not go to long. I did buy a really cute mug though and played with sheep. Holland is beautiful and I love it. I hope to return to Holland several times over. We returned to the base and I took a two hour nap :] and then it was dinner time. I helped clean up the kitchen afterwards and we had group time. I was able to complete more homework and hang out and call it an early night! Tomorrow we are going to a cheese auction. Great. Lol :] Amsterdam is growing on me but I definitely choose Holland.

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  1. The photos of the trip have been great! Glad you are able to upload them! Love from Mom