Friday, May 22, 2009

Euro Disney = 5 Stars :]

21st continued!

Kristen & Ana went to lunch. We began by sitting at a cute French restaurant but ended up eating at the Hard Rock Café :] lol, which was full of Americans. Right after paying the bill we dashed out of the restaurant to find a bus that was apart of our 2 day pass and hoped on, not realizing there were multiple colored buss' with different routes, woops! Anyways, we managed to find our way through the metro system and reached the Louvre around 3:30. We wandered around gawking at art that we had seen in every history textbook that we have come across through out our lives. Definitely saw the Mona Lisa and the Code of Hammurabi although I was more amazed by other sculptures and pieces of art work that aren’t as popular.

We stayed at the Louvre until closing at 6:00. We headed back to the hotel and worked on home work and tried resting a bit.

22 de Mai

Euro Disney! Oh my goodness, it was SO MUCH FUN. Similar to Disneyland in California, but lots of different rides and the park is not as spread out; it’s also newer and cleaner. It was a holiday so it was a little crowded, but whatevs, I loved it! We spent most of the day there and I got to know my newish friend Mary Brooks a lot more, which was fabulous. Anyways, Euro Disney had a lot of characters out and constant entertainment other than just rides which was really cool :]

This is Mary and Amelia

Some of the boys: Tyler, Travis, Grant, Terrell, Jon


  1. We did that too, ate at the Hardrock Cafe for good old American style food! Although I did love sitting in a sidewalk cafe and watching the Parisians.

    Didn't you love the parade!

    I can't believe you are getting internet wherever you are, we were not so lucky. Isn't God good!

  2. Hi Sweetie - Looks like you have another day or two left in Paris - thru June 25th. Hope you are making it around to all the great sites. Encourage you to go see Notre Dame - it is rather impressive in an incredible setting. Make sure you get some photos of you with your camera throughout your excursions. We will be heading to Chico tomorrow for cousin David's graduation from CSUC. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Love - Dad