Sunday, May 24, 2009

Brussels is my new love

Bonjour! and hello in German and Dutch :] Three main languages of Brussels!

Night of the 22nd
After arriving home from Euro Disney I was invited to tag along on an evening adventure. It was the last day in Paris and I was not one who wanted to sleep or sit at out hotel room like so many others. I met up with Jon, Terrell, and Lisa and we took the metro quite a ways. We found the Statue of Liberty, French style and had a lot of fun experimenting with flashlights and cameras :] We continued our walk to other monuments and cool bridge spots all in view of the Eiffel Tower. I had forgotten to eat dinner and continuously complained about my hunger pains; therefore we stopped in at a cute restaurant for pizza and dessert. The food was great, but snobby waiters, just like most everywhere else we had come across in France. We finished after the metro had made it’s last stops so we walked back to our hotel which was very much a ways away, but it was our last night in Paris, it was with fabulous people, and it was an adventure and I loved that evening.

The 23rd
We were up-and-at-em early for breakfast and devotions. Then we were off on a walk to the train station to leave for Brussels. A suitcase broke, problematic. We took a bullet train and sat in first class and had great food and a WONDERFUL view of the French and Belgium countryside. It took half the time we were expecting, which was sad because I was getting so much reading in for homework. I was filled with joy upon arriving in Brussels. The city is amazing; people are friendly, its easy going, comfortable, cheaper, and much cleaner then Paris. It is a huge contrast and I would choose Brussels over Paris any day, any time. The view from our hotel room is AMAZING. I am rooming with Kasaundra and Lisa for the time here. Right outside is an open air market which is a lot of fun.

We had a corporate visit at a chocolate shop; the best visit so far and then we went to mass at a beautiful cathedral. I was one of the few who showed respect throughout the time there. The service was in another language, but it gave me the opportunity to spend time with the Lord and pray, which I was so grateful for. Pita for lunch. I wandered around the city with Terrell and had chocolate strawberries and good conversation. Belgium waffle with caramel ice cream and strawberries for dessert with Ana, whom I love. It was all so good and inexpensive compared to Paris. The evening was so much fun and Brussels is now my favorite city, my happy place :]

Today, the 24th
Breakfast at 9 and then I went back to sleep until I was woken by a knock and an invite to chocolate strawberries and a walk to the park –both were fabulous. Did a little shopping at the market and had a corporate visit and then we all went to dinner. It was another wonderful day. I love Brussels. Tomorrow we head to Amsterdam, which I’m nervous about. It will be amazing, but I’m expecting a lot of stretching and growth –I pray for this- I feel the urgency to prepare myself and to spend time just me and the Lord.

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  1. Corinne! Brussels sounds FABULOUS!!!! We miss you so much but am happy that the days are going so well. Praying for growth and protection in Amsterdam. I love you! Mom