Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bonjour day 1


I couldn't wait to hear a true frenchman/woman say my name correctly, but I wasn't hoping to hear it over the loud speaker at the airport. Baggage.Delayed.Fabulous. I decided to wait for it instead of them sending it to my hotel the following morning/afternoon. The taxi was a lot nicer than expected, however the driver didn't speak English. Sad. He was rocking out to "I'd walk a thousand miles if I could just hold you tonight" when I got into the cab, lol. Crazy tight streets, I was confident the man knew how to drive and would get me to my hotel safe, but I could never manage driving well here. 

I arrived at the hotel in Paris last and met up with Dr Underwood and her mother for dinner around 9:30. I had a "tomato salad" which was basically 2 tomatoes sliced and a bit of sauce that tasted horseradish-ish. After we made our way back down the street to shower and sleep.

This morning we were planning on going to  a swap-meet, but it was closed so we explored a different shopping street center near a really famous church -which was very impressive-. I had a crape and Underwood looked at every scarf on the road and settled on a large amount of beautiful jewelry. I was suckered in by a tourist trap set up from boys from Africa. 

One made a bracelet with the strings around my finger and spoke to me about 'Hakuna-matata' He was sweet so I paid him a couple euro. Underwood teased me, but it's a real momento I think.  After wandering around for hours we returned to our stop on the subway system here and had lunch at a cute little restaurant, and then made our way to the hotel for a nap. 

I just woke up, everyone should be getting into the airport in roughly a half hour and I believe we are going to the Eiffel tonight :] It sounds like a very special evening is planned and I'm excited. 


  1. Bonjour Corrine, I am so excited for you. Eiffel Tour was my dream come true. I just couldn't get enough of it, we kept going back at different times of the day. I screamed when the lights came on, I really surprised myself. I hope you loved it. If you really want to hear a beautiful sound from a french person, ask one to pronounce Feuillardet. Of course you will have to spell it first. I can't even imitate it. I will be praying for you on your trip!
    Votre Amie, Marcia

  2. Corinne,
    What a fabulous day. We love hearing about everything. We love you!
    Love Mom and Family