Saturday, May 30, 2009

29th :] Hello Akmaar!

We traveled to Akmaar to witness a cheese market. Cheese? I don't even like cheese, lol, but I love the city of Akmaar. I wandered around with Mary and McKenzie through a lot of shopping and fabulous cafes.

Me, McKenzie, Mary

Ballet Studio :] LOVE IT
We didn't care to stick around and watch the little cheese auction. After a morning adventure we found anne & max's restaurant which was 5 star in my book. Friendly, inviting, English speaking, kind waitors, fabulous decor, and good food, iced teas, and desserts!

Max & Anne's

I would love to have been able to stay longer in the town, I would recommend making a stop there on your trip to the Netherlands. After Akmaar we went to see Noah's Ark replica in Sneek. We made a little stop onlong the way at a man made dyke with salt water on one side & fresh on the other, it was pretty cool. I'm a water type girl :]

Noah's Ark in Sneek:

It was a fun experience, the tour personnel spoke a lot about Creationism vs Evolutionism. Fascinating, definitely still fully support the Creationism idea! There was bible stories throughout part of the tour and the Prince of Egypt movie was definitely playing. APU college kids in the Nethlands squatting on Noah's Ark watching the PofE :] love it. The tour guide shared his testimony - breath of fresh air. After our final ride on our mercedes-benz tour guide bus we had dinner at the Hard Rock in Amsterdam. 2 for 3 cities so far! It was delicious and we had a wonderful waitress from Canada.
Tour Bus while in Amsterdam

Walk to YWAM after dinner
* There are so many bicycles here. I see more in 1 day than all prior times of my life combined
&& we have walked so much. I would love to know the mileage I've been going at while in Europe, particularly Amsterdam~

That evening some of us went out and we ran into people from Glendora that Travis -one of the students on the trip with myself- went to high school with. How crazy is that?! lol. It was a great day all the way around :]

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