Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oui s'il vous plaît

Le bon soir messieurs et mesdames,

It's late in the evening and I have had a headache all day. I love my trip so far, so please ignore any negatives you might pick up on :]

I'll finish where I left off the other afternoon. The group arrived safe except for a minor mishap of a lost passport... great. Anyways, everyone was shown their rooms and then we left for the dinner by the metro. We ended up being very late (half hour), embarrassing! However, they held our table and it was a wonderful meal. Just a side note: Medium-Well = Medium-rare, so please be aware! :]
The restaurant was near a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower and we were able to see it lite up; this year is it's 120 anniversary.

After dinner we had to quickly hop back on to the metro because it stops running soon after 12. Back to the hotel to work on studies, we were exhausted.

This morning we were at breakfast by 8am -in the hotel-. We had to stick around for devotions and a presentation. Then Kristen, Ana, and I tried to sleep or at least rest a bit before we had to leave for our corporate visit at 12, noon. Dressed up in suits and heals we headed off on foot. We made it outside of Coty within 15-20 minutes only to find that we were early so we could find out own lunch and the corporate visit was at 2:00, plenty of time. We wandered around, walked a lot -which ended up killing most of the girls' feet- and I wasn't too hungry, but managed to find a place similar to Jamba Juice -lol- but much smaller amounts and healthier -straight juice-. I sat and talked with Grant and Travis, it was fun getting to know them better and I look forward to hearing more stories.

We waited outside Coty for 10-15 minutues and then waited inside the conference room another 20 minutes to come to find they were expecting us at 3, not 2. Great! -I felt like we had wasted a couple hours, and that was really hard to take because we are IN PARIS and we are TIRED- The corporate visit included 4 speakers. The first 2 put us all practically to sleep -everyone's eyes grew to blood shot and we all felt the same way- the 3rd was a bit more entertaining, and the last was a woman who gave us fragrance tests to see if we new what any smells were. One was the one my mom wears :] that I have bought for her before and one I recognized from a friend who's on the trip with me -Amelia. That was the only fun part about the visit even though Coty is a huge, successful company that I greatly admire and would love to work for.

After the visit we walked all the way back to the hotel, which was horrible because of my feet, they felt like they were on fire and I couldn't stand still at stop lights that were red. We were given 15 minutes to change and meet back at the lobby, but we were all exhausted. We walked more -yay! lol- to this bus stop but there was great miss communication and confusion and we all just sat waiting for direction for at least an hour (an hour + we could have spent sleeping or exploring!) and finally we got onto a bus tour which was fun because of the group of people, but we couldn't get off because it was the last trip around -we are going tomorrow if we want- all of the buildings started to look the same, but the Seine was very exciting to me -lol-.

We were let off at the Eiffel Tower where a group of us explored and traveled to the top which was SO AMAZING and so much fun. We were able to watch the sunset from it :] Afterwards, I still had my headache from yesterday morning and I was hungry, tired, dillusional, lol. We started off for food/metro -hadn't really made up our minds yet- and decided on the metro (11pm). We then split up and some grabbed food to go (Kristen, Tyler Mouer, and myself) and other's went for pizza.

I left out a lot of details, but I'm going to bed. I have to get up early, another day with lots of activities planned!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I totally understand hot burning feet, so does Ken. Yes, the French seem to love rare meat! Food is definately not American style, but there is a benefit, you lose weight. You have heard of the book "French Women don't get Fat", it is true. I lived on frais frittes, baguettes and coffee when everything looked really bad.