Monday, May 18, 2009

Zurich Airport

I'm at the Zurich airport in Switzerland.

I arrived at the airport in LA with 20 minutes until it was time to board.

I saw a man that looked a little like Michael Prior and I was comforted.

I felt like I was in another part of the world while standing in the security line at LAX international.

Anyways, I slept all but 2&1/2 hours on the flight over. Dinner at 9:00pm -not wonderful- lol. Breakfast was delish though, I saw a woman put jam on her croissant, so I tried it with strawberry jam = BRILLIANCE :] Why have I not done this before?!

Every time announcements were made they was spoken in at least 3 or 4 languages.The movie options were poor, but I did have an aisle seat. Over all I much prefer Quantas to Swiss Air.

At the airport breathing masks seem to be the popular fashion accessory for those with Asian decent.

I'll be flying to Paris shortly and my first taxi ride in Europe! Little scared, but excited for adventure.

The view from the airport is beautiful

K, I must go :]


  1. Corinne! We are so glad you arrived safe and sound! You have constantly been in our thoughts and prayers. Looking forward to reading about your adventure! We are so proud of you. Love from Mom and family.

  2. You saw my look-alike?? That's weird... Glad to be a comfort even though I was hundreds of miles away. Miss'n u!