Friday, May 29, 2009

May 27th. Amsterdam

Today was a free day and it was wonderful. I slept in till 11:30, AMAZING. I woke up in the best mood. I was able to finish reading a book and write an essay on it, completely & in total, which is awesome to be done with. We made a quick outing to the super market. I volunteered to help set up for dinner which is at 5:30, but set up is at 3:30. McKenzie and I made salad while Mary helped with the meat I believe and Jon set the tables. After dinner we had group time. Devos, presentations, and clarification. I was able to make it to the worship/speaker service at the base at 7:30, which was fabulous. I needed stand up and scream your lungs out worship and God gave it to me. Thank you Jesus for meeting my needs. I was the only individual from my group of 20 students to go, you could say I was sad about that, but pushed it from my mind. One of our instructors was there, but it was fun meeting people. It went until 9:15ish and then I was able to hang out and chill for a bit while doing more schoolwork, but I ended up doing a lot and not going to bed till late.

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