Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Arrival to Amsterdam

The 25th

We left for the bus in the morning and drove to the city of Antwerp in Belgium, which was once the diamond capital of the world. We wandered through the city center and stopped in at a lot of little shops as well as a cute deli for lunch. I was in a small group including Mary, Terrell, Lisa, and McKenzie. After 2 hours we continued on our way to Amsterdam. I slept a lot of the bus throughout the day. Upon arrival we had a tour of the city and made our way to the YWAM base, which ended up being completely different than I was expecting. It’s a bit run down and there are very very few people here. We each have rooms down one hallway, many have there own rooms and a few doubled up. I am sharing a room with McKenzie, I didn’t want to be by myself and it just worked out that way. We had dinner with the base at 5:30 and then headed over to a man named Wilfred’s house, which is in the center of the read light district. In Perth I housed in the red light district, but it was nothing like Amsterdam’s. We took a bit of a “tour”, which made me sick to my stomach, impossible to breath, and every part of me cried out to run. I repeatedly reminded myself “Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world.” Thank God a million times over for Terrell’s presence and constant source of strength and for the ability to pray.

Everything is legal here (prostitution, drugs, everything) and everyone seems to have been desensitized and accepting. It is horrifying. I cried praying before even entering the area. I could go on and on, but I will not.

After our outing there was a giant storm filled with lightning and thunder. Great is the Lord; His faithfulness reaches to the heavens and His loves endures throughout all. God is here, there is hope, freedom can come to Amsterdam. After playing in the rain I sat with Mary for hours talking about everything and I love her and God is so good. He has blessed me greatly with her friendship. My evening went late.

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