Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Amsterdam day 2


6:45am we were out the door for a corporate visit at Shell Oil. It went very well. Shelly, an APU alumni, gave us a history and an overview of the company and a panel discussion followed which was very interesting. So far every corporate visit has stressed the need to by multi-lingual. After that visit we had a tour of a seaport, one of the largest in the world and then visited the Church where Calvinism was born. We had a Greek dinner, which was delicious and now we have been resting and doing school work back at the YWAM base. It was a very full day and the weather was rainy and cold, sharp contrast from previous hot hot days. I slept a lot on the bus, but it’s not real sleep. We get to sleep in tomorrow; I’m excited :]

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  1. Brussels and Chocolate, what a great combination! Cheaper is even better. I read about restaurants in France before we went. It said that the waiters just do there job and then leave you alone. It is considered rude to bother the patrons while they eat and they never bring the tab until you ask for it. They do seem a bit rude to Americans, (and possibly they are) because we are used to friendly servers. Ken almost walked out of a small bistro because they would not just serve him a bowl of soup, they wanted him to order a meal. Sorry about the bad days in Amsterdam, I was shocked and saddened too by the things many Europeans accept as OK. The storm God gave you to show his power over sin was an awesome reminder for you.