Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ok, update that isn't too updated :)

Kathmandu has been so crazy. I have learned so much already and have definitely broadened my horizons. Learning more about the sex industry has been devastating, but now this knowledge is my responsibility to do something about it. Children sleeping on the street, beggars everywhere, the elderly dieing right before my eyes, and the diseased treated as less than dirt is all around me. It is unfathomable. God is good all the time, right? But how can this all be going on. This country is so focused on Buddha and every other god in the world, every god but the true God. The little hope they have is all based upon these religions that are nothing more than idols and high places that the Bible warns against. I have met amazing people working here all for the Kingdom. They blow my mind. They have given up all that is America or Europe or home, and come to one of the poorest places in the world where there is nothing fulfilling to do but serve God's people. Its all about Him and not about them, that is for sure.

We have been working with children and the elderly for the most part. Its hard work, really hard, but it is so worth it. I fall asleep feeling like a follower of Jesus, the true Jesus who served everyone around Him. The one who calls us to feed the hungry, clothe the poor, love the fatherless, the widows, etc. I feel that I am doing exactly what He would be doing if He were here and its unbelievable.

That was my quick overview of my feelings. Read more if you want to hear more day-by-day :)

Friday, 28 May:
We traveled by bus to this ancient city of Bhaktapur (touristy). The bus ride was drastically bumpy... and an hour long. I have slight remaining marks of the bruises I received to my knees. There were shooting pains through my tummy, normal? I don't think so. Anyways, CRAZY adventure. We wandered around. I had children, beautiful children begging me for 5 rupees (1 dollar = 75 rupees) or a biscuit, which lasts in their bellies perhaps a couple hours? There were men behind several of them directing them. Sick to my stomach ready to punch? Yes. Christ like? No. But, we aren't to give them anything. Then I struggle with what Jesus would do. Then I struggle with what I actually do. I was reprimanded for being nice & asking their names, I guess I'm suppose to forcefully say no and turn my back ignoring them? What?! This is not okay to me. Prior to this I had turned down women asking me to buy milk for their skinny babies. Tears in my eyes walking away with Mr Chandler praying & singing Jesus songs to me. Back to it. We had a wonderful and cheap lunch (we maybe are spending 60 dollars a day for our entire team to eat) (and everything tastes GOOD) and continued to walk about. We had to depart in order to visit Children's Homes. My favorite. The group split into 2 & we went to different homes filled with children that were saved while at risk before actually being trafficked. The homes are set up with a Christian Nepalese mother and father (who are some of the greatest people God has every created) who pretty much adopt these kids (ages 3ish+). They are a family and the kids live with them until they find real jobs or get married or decide to move into their own home (not typical in any family in Nepal). The number of children in homes range from 6-40.40! Yes, you read that right. It is the happiest most joy filled moments we spend at these homes. The smile on just one child (thinking of one in particular) is enough to say the trip was fully worth it.

Saturday, 29 (I'll Write later)

News I have heard:
Death of Mr Coleman
Celine is prego with twins
Bangladesh has banded Facebook

LOVE OUT LOUD. Your prayers are changing my trip, changing the organizations I am working with, changing the lives of girls (trafficking), and ultimately changing Nepal.

God is good, Amen!

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