Thursday, May 27, 2010

First full day in Kathmandu


Currently in the hotel the team is staying at. Its 9:45pm and I am exhausted! I feel that I have already been here a week, seriously. We arrived yesterday after days of flying. Airport was a little different then my norm. First people I saw were women carrying bricks on their backs building an extension onto the airport itself. It was hot, they were in flip flops, and the men were inside a) with guns patrolling or b) checking out our visas. It was a little surreal. We were picked up at the airport, Praise the LORD, and just walking to the bus involved refusing many peoples 'charged help' or 'paid labor' carrying our bags and such. The ride to the hotel was unbelievable. I felt that I was in a movie. I could never have imagined this. People everywhere, many roads are dirt, trash lines the streets in front of buildings that look like they have been abandoned for a hundred years except for the laundry line. There are no rules for driving, it is utter madness with buses, motorcycles, pedestrians, rickshaws, regular cars, bicycles. Did I say madness?! Truth. I would not drive here. Period. The hotel we are staying at is in great condition compared to much of the surrounding area. I feel completely safe and taken care of. There is a restaurant attached, therefore, in case of emergency we can stay at the hotel for a few days if necessary. There is beautiful garden in the back that is completely surrounded by giant buildings. I absolutely love it. I am rooming with Taylor & Angela, both wonderful, wonderful girls. We walked to dinner (I was slightly hesitant to say the least), but Rhoman was with us. Praise the Lord again and always. I have entered another world. I don't know how else to say it. Words could never describe the city of Kathmandu, Nepal. At the end of the day I wanted to go home.

Today, was a new day, new opportunities, new chance to change my previous attitude, and everything else. It was Buddha's birthday, a national holiday. We had tea at Rhomans (some of the best tea of my life) and proceeded onto breakfast, which was delicious as well (eggs, bacon, toast - you know, American :)). The afternoon consisted of visiting the Monkey Temple. There were millions of people there. You couldn't stay together in a group. It was hundreds of stairs that felt straight up. We were in the middle of a whole lot of worship to Buddha in a city stronghold that looked out over Kathmandu. To say I was slightly overwhelmed would be a lie. I was FREAKING out, I couldn't handle it. The darkness there was unbelievable and all of the people carrying so much oppression upon them and so little hope -hope they have is Buddha, who lets face it, is a dead man. If you want to hear more, we should have a one-on-one when I get back.

Next step was Tiny Hands Nepal. Amazing, AMAZING. Check out their website. All that they are doing is unbelievable. God is at work in Nepal even when darkness is just down the street. I want to be associated with this organization for forever. I hope that I can be apart of all that they are doing. It is altering the reality that is Nepal. They save over 1,000 girls a year from being trafficked into the sex industry of India.

I must go. Taken way too much time already. Hope to hear something back from you :)
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  1. Corinne! Wow- so much of this sounds familiar to me, even though I know we are in SUCH different areas! The roads for instance, flat out insanity. I don't know how there aren't more accidents. And the feelings of exhaustion and being overwhelmed, babe, I'm tracking with you there too. But wow- it sounds like already the Lord is opening your eyes to some incredible things... Praise Him! I can only imagine to the best of my ability what the things you are seeing are like. I can't wait to get back and spend 3 months together processing all the things we have seen. Know I praying for you and trusting that you have strength through God's perfect grace to get through this!
    I love, love, love you!!

  2. OK, so...I KNOW I left a comment here last time I was online...somehow it is gone... :P

    Well, I concur with mon petite lapin amie up there that traffic is crazy! Here we have motos driving on both sides of the road, in both directions, not many people stop, even if there happens to be a light, and as a bike, you can ride in the middle of the street and it's all good.

    And yes, thank God for the little comforts of home like a western breakfast! Here we went to KFC once, and everyone was so excited, but then we got the fries...and there was enough that you could put all of it in your mouth in one bite...

    I miss you, and I am always praying for you and your team! Lots of love, to you also my little rabbit friend