Friday, May 14, 2010

May 14th

Its May already and I have entered a whole new world :)

Graduation took place just this last Saturday, almost a week ago, so crazy. I am having some difficulty wrapping my brain around reality. Currently, I am home in Redding (I feel like I have 3 homes) writing thank you notes, spending time with family, and trying my best to prepare for my trip to Nepal, which is just over a week away. The missions work hasn't really set in yet either, I'm just in this in between delusional place. Its difficult because all of these are good things, but so much change is overwhelming to say the least.

My family came down to Azusa for my graduation (this included by dads parents, his brother, wife, and two daughters, as well as my mom's mom, mom's sister, husband, and their son David). It was a delight to have them all in town and help me celebrate, there was just so much going on that everything together was not manageable. I was moving to my new apartment in Anaheim! ( choose Broadway Arms) I will be living there with 3 other APU girls!! Two of which were my residents and next door neighbors: Dani Davis & Ashley Morgan, as well as Alex Tillapaugh, whom I have mentioned in a previous blog. I was buying and setting up new furniture, like you know, a bed, dresser, and everything that an apartment entails. I was checking out my 50 residents, super crazy. I was finishing up last minute papers as well as my last couple days of work at University Relations. I was trying to make time for my Nepal team and packing for that trip. I bought a CAR!! Tried to spend as much time with friends as possible and o ya, I graduated college. You know, my life's not psycho busy or anything. (BUT, I LOVE IT)

Anyways, I miss APU & my loves there way too much already. I have already had three of my closest friends leave on missions trips to Ghana, South Africa, and Cambodia, and more are getting ready to leave. Crazy good, but terrible to be away from them, but all I can do is pray. I have enjoyed the peace that home is. Redding is the opposite of Azusa. Like complete opposite and I love that I will always have the ability to escape away here.

I have been in conversation with my mentor, Jeremy at MHM. I am very excited for work (though no vacation days till Thanksgiving is a little depressing) and the first few months will be a make it or (well, I won't break it) period. I'm anxious to start there as I know that the Lord has called me for a very specific purpose in each of the lives of the individuals I will be working with. Every day will be my missions field and I am overjoyed at this prospect.

God's love reaches to the heavens, and His faithfulness stretches to the skies. His righteousness is like the mightly mountains, and His justice flows deep. How priceless is His unfailing love.  -Psalm 36 5-7

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