Thursday, March 25, 2010

March 25th. A Thursday.

I have felt the need to write an update for some time now, but not the desire.

A lot is going on. The Lord’s preparing me for change yet again. Never to be settled, but always learning and moving forth. I have come to the conclusion that change is a good thing, yet difficult still. Moving on means you have learned what the Lord has designed for you to learn in that phase or chapter and is pushing you forward to bigger and better things. Graduation is right around the corner. I’m apartment hunting. However! I have found a roommate  Alex Tillapaugh, whom I adore. She is a beautiful delight and I could not be more excited. Once again! God is always faithful. Though she will be the one steadfast similarity outside of God everything else is new and that is scary.

My mission trip this summer has required a flexible and willing spirit from everyone on my team. The big news: Looks like we will be going to Nepal instead of Bangladesh. We will be working with the same organizations, just in a different location. This is what God wants and requires and we are more than open to His plan.

Last weekend we had a fundraiser that was quite a lot of fun. We had an auction date night. Our friends bid (through email) to win us for a group date. It was held at Justin’s with games and dessert. It was a time filled of laughter, excitement, and love.

In other news: Its practically Easter Vacation. I will be flying home Sunday evening for a week with my family. I am looking forward to this tremendously. I am a little worried about being “home sick” from some of my friends that I adore and see every day. I feel that the more I spend time with someone the more I need to spend time with them. However, if a week is troubling to me now, I can’t image six weeks and then you know… moving away from them.

Life: Its all about choice. The atmosphere I carry depends on me and God. My attitude and emotions are my decision. I will take these steps with grace, love, peace, righteousness, striving to practice the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Lord, help me. To you be all the glory, honor, and praise.

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