Friday, June 25, 2010

He is Truth

Morning = early

Pashtupati = cutting fingernails & toenails of all the elderly. I wasn’t expecting it, would I have been notified ahead of time I would have been weary. Don’t want to hurt them, want to make sure everything is smooth so it doesn’t cause a cut, many have missing limbs, most are incredibly senile and yelling all the time. Prior to the challenge I would have thought I would be a bit terrified, but I loved it. I want to go back every day & trim their nails. Many would kiss my hands & bow. They treated me like the Messiah. It was incredible to catch a glimpse of what Jesus may have felt during times in His ministry.

Maiti Nepal = incredibly quick. Learned some, but not much more then their news clips, articles, website, films, etc. have already explained to us. They didn’t want us to take up too much of their time, but were hospitable enough to share with us a presentation and answer a short Q&A time. It was just a little off. I don’t mean to accuse them of anything. They shouldn’t have anything to hide when their intentions and actions are good.

Street Kids = My team has fallen in love with these boys. Boys addicted to the streets. Boys that know how to play on emotion, morph into what they know will make you melt, they lie, cheat, steal, anything to get what they need or want. They know the part to play. Boys that have the opportunity to change it all, but refuse due to addiction. My team has fallen for them. It could be dangerous it could be what Jesus would do.

Dance Bar = 5 of my babies are out their right now doing their thing. I am praying for them, the girls they are ministering to, and the men would are simply looking for a good time, but desperately needing Jesus. 

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