Saturday, June 19, 2010

God is Good & God is Faithful

I have come to find that the only time I have to blog is when I am ill. Prayers for my health are very much appreciated J

Today is Saturday, 19th of June. I am sitting in the garden at Hotel Ganesh Himal in Kathmandu. The rest of my team is somewhere between church, lunch, and visiting children’s homes. Justin may actually be teaching English right now. It appears a week and a half has passed since my last writing. But, here we go!

Pokhara was a great change of pace from the craziness we had been experiencing. It is a city on a lake, very touristy, but due to it being off-season the streets were rather empty (loved it). Tiny Hands has two children’s homes located in Pokhara. They are probably some of our favorites. But, to be fair, we spent several days at each, more so then we have with the others located in Kathmandu. We spent our mornings digging trenches at the sight of the Dream Center, Tiny Hands’ latest and largest project. The Dream Center will be a small community of sorts designed for children saved out of horrendous situations. Homes, a school, church, and a school for foreigners to come to study the injustices of the world are some of the structures that will be built on the land. Digging trenches is HARD, but we were able to see immediate results. Not just planting of seeds or watering them, but actually seeing something come from our labor is refreshing and inspiring even the more.

Some fun facts of our adventures (memories to last) include my room (shared with Tay & Ang) being pretty much infested with cockroaches. So gross, Angela would scream and cry and sing about killing them while jumping from bed to bed. Hilarious. Renting motorscooters and exploring the city. Ang nearly killed Chris, but we all made it out alive with…. just a .. few scratches J

But the greatest news of all: My team has been given the opportunity to sponsor our very own children’s home. We must find 10 individuals to commit to donating $50 a month. This will enable us to change the lives of 10 kids. The more sponsors we find the larger the home (more children) can be or if we come across more then enough a second home can come into reality. I have already committed to be a sponsor and I am ecstatic. When we visit homes the children are eager and delighted to share with us pictures of their sponsors and gifts they have received from them. During our time in Pokhara we interviewed prospective parents, visited possible schools, talked through ideas of what we should name the home (ex. Holy Home, Paradise Home, One Way, Living Home, Salvation Home, Morning Star are names of some of the current homes), and we actually met children on the waiting list. These babies are living in prison with their mothers. PRISON! No child should be in prison ever. One of the mothers has HIV and all of the fathers have either passed away or abandoned them. My heart breaks for these Nepali children. How could I not jump at the opportunity to rescue any one of them. Let me know if you have any questions or are possibly interested in being apart of such amazing God work J I would be overjoyed to talk with you when I get back to the States.

We arrived back in Kathmandu on the 15th in order to prepare for our visit from Chiraphone, the Queen of OWM/Focus International at APU Many of us were relieved to be "home", which is crazy to think as we didn't have the same sentiment before we left. For our final weeks here we have broken up into teams to tackle as much as we can. We have teams for street children, trafficking, children's homes, one-on-one projects, sports ministry, teaching English, etc. There is a long list of things to get done and it is fantastic to check them off one-by-one and know that we have made a difference. So far I have worked with translating testimonies, many are of girls prevented from crossing the border of India into a life of the sex-trade. Its unbelievable, maybe I can post some for you to read, but I must get permission first. I will also be going over the business processes at Tiny Hands and making recommendations! Super exciting to see God use my college degree in His ministry over seas. But, I knew when I declared it as my major God could use it anytime anywhere for His glory. 

To be honest I was a bit nervous of having CK (Chiraphone) visit simply because she sees truth (sometimes what we cannot see ourselves) and she is very honest about it because it is the Lord's work we are here to accomplish. Ultimately, every moment was a blessing and I wish she could have stayed longer. May God continue to bless her work as she travels to Bhutan and back to Laos. 

Callee's birthday was Thursday and today is Kyle's. My babies (team members) are getting older and I am happy to celebrate life with them. So good.

Sincerely yours! Blessings & Peace - Miss Corinne

p.s. gmail is alive & kicking

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