Saturday, May 14, 2011


Empathy - to sense the feelings of others.
Belief - to have core values that are unchanging. These values define my life's purpose.
Arranger - to organize with flexibility. To maximize productivity.
Achiever - to have a great deal of stamina and to work hard.
Responsibility - To be honest and loyal. To take ownership of my words and commitments.

These are the results of my StrengthsFinder 2.0.

I was a bit unwilling to take this test again. I had completed it previously during my first year at Azusa (3ish years ago). I was proud of my strengths and loved that they defined me with Belief, Harmony, Discipline, Relator, and Communicator. I know that I have grown and changed a very great amount since that first test. My new strengths say this. Communication has gone out the window, I feel like its one of my greatest downfalls, but its something I'm working on. I do things I tell myself not to - discipline fail. I'm less harmonious because work and relationships have made me tougher, stronger, better at taking annoying sarcasm & throwing it back (because for some reason people LIKE THAT, which I don't understand, but feel like I must to be respected). But, perhaps I should stop mourning the change of my strengths and be giddy about the new dawn, the new day, a new way to serve my Jesus and my family better. '

I would say that my top 5 do represent who I am to an extent. The definitions are truth. I love that Belief is still in the top 2. Caring for others, to have strong morals, be productive with my resources, to be hardworking, and to be known for honesty and loyalty are amazing things in my eyes. I am proud of who I am. I thank God for making me, for choosing me, and for using me; for continuing to spurn growth and a new understanding of who He is.

God, give me opportunities to serve you and to serve the people around me with my strengths. I give you all the glory, all the honor, and all the praise. For without you I am nothing. I am undeserving, yet you cover me with grace and love. I can never praise you enough my Jesus, my Savior.


  1. I definitely see these strengths in you Corinne :) God has made you unique and blessed you with these strengths. I love how God makes us all so different and unique so that we can all bring something different to the body of Christ. I think it is good to see how your strengths have changed and that God is growing you and is using you in different ways. Your prayer at the end of your post is beautiful :) Love you!

  2. Ummmm I so get you more! No wonder we are friends. I know Relator dropped out of your top 5 but that is my #1. When you first introduced yourself in your blog at the beginning I was like yes that is so like me! I can't wait to talk to you in person!!! Ahhh you are such a blessing!

  3. mmm sweet Corinne! i missed you yesterday. it is so interesting how in three years, your strengths completely changed (except for belief, which is rad.) it is crazy how God shapes us and forms us into what he needs us to be to best further his kingdom. i totally see the empathy in you. last time we talked you were so helpful and able to understand what i was saying and it was seriously SO encouraging. the last three really relate to the job you have now, right? by the way i think i told you this, but i SO admire what you do, that takes so much hard work and discipline. you are very special and i look up to you in a lot of ways Corinne!

  4. really cool that you are able to embrace the newness and change that God has brought about within your last few years! I don't like to give up things that I thought have changed that are "good" but look! you have other cool traits and can still strengthen the ones that have gotten a little out of order, perhaps, because if they were once a strength, you know what they look like strong, not weak! yay. praise Him for this!!

  5. corinne, your greatest strength is being a faithful lover of Jesus. don't look at a change of your top 5 as losing strengths, rather God developing new ones in you. i know you to be an excellent communicator of encouragement and love to the lives of those (mine) that God has placed in front of you and the peace and harmony that come with your presence can not be denied. He is making you a stronger, better lover of Himself. love you!

  6. Corinne, first of all, I miss you! And thank you for sharing your results with us! I love that you have seen change from the last time you took this evaluation. It's equally wonderful that your belief has not changed. How encouraging! I would whole heartedly agree with that assessment! Your belief is inspiring and encouraging to me. And you are so intone with the feelings of others and I think you are wonderful at understanding and advising those feelings. Thank you for sharing Corinne! I can't wait for this weekend!

  7. hello beautiful! i want to be around you. sweet girl, who knows? maybe those other strengths are hiding right behind your new ones. remember he said the differences can be tiny between where they fall :) i am so glad that you recognize the same beauty and glory in yourself that the rest of us are so privileged to see. you are so beautiful, rin.

  8. That is crazy how different they can change in just a couple of years. That is such an exciting thing because you totally can see how much you have changed! Sadly you are very different from me lol. Although we share Responsibility together!